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      1. Web Design Company Hosting Plans - NovaStar Design

                 Website Hosting Services

        Quality Website Design Experience!

        NovaStar Design is among the industry leaders in Website Design Quality. Since 1994 we have been providing clients with World Class Designs at an Affordable rate. We provide professional custom website design and development services and believe each website should be high-end as well as unique. Our goal is to provide everything you could ever need to run a successful website for your business.

        Website Hosting Company - NovaStar Design Web Design
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        Website Hosting Plans

        We've put together three hosting plans to choose from.
        All three hosting plans include

        • business email system
        • hosting fees
        • website statistic tracking program
        • website updates

        Every website needs hosting, why not go with a company that give you the most for your money, NovaStar Design!

        Hosting Plan I
        12.95 Per Month
        Hosting Plan II
        15.75 Per Month
        Hosting Plan III
        29.95 Per Month
         5GB of Space.
        50 Email Accounts
        15 Hours Free Updates &
        Changes (Per Year)
        SmarterStats: a Web log analytics tool that delivers detailed Website statistics
        10GB of Space.
        100 Email Accounts
        25 Hours Free Updates &
        Changes (Per Year)
        SmarterStats: a Web log analytics tool that delivers detailed Website statistics
        20GB of Space.
        200 Email Accounts
        35 Hours Free Updates &
        Changes (Per Year)
        SmarterStats: a Web log analytics tool that delivers detailed Website statistics
         Website Hosting Plans Website Statistics Screenshots

        We have put together a hosting package that has everything a great business website needs and has proven to be truly beneficial to website owners and with over 2000 companies currently hosting with us should prove the benefits of our services.

        NovaStar Design's Website Hosting Features Include:

        1. Website Performance Program 100% Uptime - We guarantee your site will never go down.

        3. Unlimited Company Email accounts @yourdomain.com. Why not route email inquiries to different accounts like sales@ info@ you@ and so on.
        5. You can use a web base browser to check your email or have your email sent directly to your Outlook email program if you desire.

        7. You are the administrator of you very own business email system and can add or delete accounts as needed, setup auto responders and even control spam filtering.

        9. A Website Performance Statistics Program tracking your website performance with SmartStats, giving you detailed information that doesn抰 stop with the normal. With information including; how many people visited your site, how many were new or repeat visitors, what pages they read, how long did they stay on a page, how they found you (from Yahoo, Google or another link), what words or keywords they used during their search to find your website and so much more. If you are serious about promoting your website, website performance and website ranking, this is an invaluable tool!

        11. A free contact form for your website.

        13. 15 hours of free minor changes to you site for the first year.

        If your business website is currently with a different hosting company and you'd like to change your service, no worries, we can walk you through the process. CONTACT NOVASTAR DESIGN WEBSITE HOSTING COMPANY

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